-. Wash your hands cleanly before using the menstrual cup.


-. Fold the menstrual cup. (The folding in the C-shape in the instruction manual is easy and easy to insert.)

[Fold in "C"]

1. A portion of the mouth of the menstrual cup, press the A portion of the entrance to the bottom with the index finger. 

2. Hold the menstrual cup with your other hand and fold it down as soon as you reach the index finger. (Folding can be a little complicated, but the entrance is narrower and easier to insert.)

[Fold in "U"]

1. Fold the menstrual cup in half. 

2. Fold the half again in the A-line direction. (Folding is easy, but entrance is wide.)

3.Inserting and seating

-. Use your fingertips to hold the end of the menstrual cup as far as possible.

-. Slowly insert the menstrual cup in a relaxed position, sitting on the toilet, sitting on the toilet, etc. (If you get tired, if you add some water, it will enter smoothly.) 

-. Place it on the lower side of the vaginal opening. 

 -. After inserting, hold the end of the menstrual cup so that the opening of the menstrual cup can be spread well, and move it up and down or zigzag. (To confirm that the menstrual cup has been stretched open, put a finger on the side of the cup. 

 -. Holds the position to be level with the tail bone.

*. Some of you may be successful at first, but you need to practice a few times and if you do not catch your seat properly, it can cause a leak.


-. Pull the projection slightly at the end of the menstrual cup and tilt slightly. -. Put your finger on the side of the cup and gently press the air out. 

-. Zigzag slowly pull and remove. 

-. After removal, rinse the contents with warm water and mild soap, then reinsert.

5.Cleaning and Storage

-. Wash with warm soapy water and use long-term storage (about 3 to 5 minutes), dry in a cool place, and store in the enclosed case (same as regular infant nipple washing and storage).

-. Storage The best environment is refrigerated storage in an airtight container.