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" What is a menstrual cup?"

During the menstrual period, It is a cup made of medical silicon to receive menstrual blood. Like a tampon, the inserted cup is comfortable No sense of wear. Provides a period of no smell and leakage.

"Health and convenience"

UniCup absorbs moisture and maintains a healthy pH level to keep the inside moist and dry to keep you comfortable.

"Better Activities"

UniCup is not only a shower after wearing, but also activities such as running, swimming, fitness, bicycle and so on. You do not need to take medication before traveling, nor do you need to adjust the period. You can sleep comfortably without worrying no matter how late you turn around. It is recommended to use for up to 12 hours, so be careful because you are so comfortable that you are wearing UniCup.

"Skin Trouble Escape"

If you experience damp, itchy, barky, contact dermatitis using sanitary napkins, you can now escape. Medical grade Liquid Silicone does not add any chemicals or pigments and does not cause various dermatitis, TTS syndrome.

*.Please note that we recommend you to use for up to 12 hours and forget about wearing UniCup for comfort.


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"UNI" Is a brand of eco-friendly silicone products.

Starting with the business of producing silicone molds, we develop and produce products that are harmless to human body such as medical instrument parts, masks, mouthpieces, etc. by establishing mold production and product molding as well as liquid silicone injection molding automation production line. From product design and modeling tool design to mold design, mold making, product production, inspection and packaging, we proceed on our own. We ensure safe product production and quality through the whole process. We will strive to launch products with environment-friendly silicone products and to make safe, healthy and environmentally friendly products.