FDA Registration

UNICUP was certified as a medical device by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2017. 

 Our head office(gwanggumtech) has also been certified as a manufacturing facility.


"We use the Medical Grade Silicone, which has passed the strictest Class VI (C6) test among six grades of USP."

The FDA-certified silicon information is incorrect.

FDA does not certify itself for silicone / rubber / plastic / other polymer materials.

It is only for medical purposes to pass the strictest Class VI (C6) test out of the six grades specified by the USP.

UniCup also uses no pigments or additives other than silicone.

Why UniCup?

○ Is yellowing (discoloration) fast?

-. Add pigments or coloring agents to make the yellowing not visible, but not yellowing. 

-. No additives are added, so it is transparent and yellowish. 

-. Appearances may look bad, but can not use pigments or additives to look good. (Infant nipples with weak immunity, medical devices and so on are oriented towards transparency.) 

-. Yellowing is not a bacterial infection or contamination. 

-. Yellowing occurs in all objects and is fast in daylight direct environment.

○ Do you use a plastic case?

-. As a late runner, I used pouches like other menstrual cups. 

-. The pouch has no development cost and can be easily and beautifully made with various shapes and colors. 

-. But silicon is oxygen + silicon (the main component of stone) compounds that can eventually return to a part of nature is an environmentally friendly ingredient. 

-. If you do not have a refrigerator, do not store fruits, food, etc. in a cool place with good air. 

-. It is the same as storing the baby nipple in an airtight case or bottle sterilizer without washing it in a well - aired pouch. 

-. It is best if you keep it in the closed container after refrigerated by thoroughly drying after washing and reducing the contact of air as much as possible.